DST wins friendly football match of its supplier ICAMAT

DST employees were invited to a special football game recently. The Dutch supplier ICAMAT organised a friendly football match in its home town Gouda. With a great success and three(!) trophies, DST came back to Germany.

A whole day invited companies could compete in Fair Play and top football matches. DST was well represented so they could build two teams which faced each other in the final match.

Besides the trophies for the first and second place, DST was awarded with another one: Rafal Gerth was named the "Best Player of the Match".

Not only the sports activities were focused, but also a tour around ICAMAT and a trip to the nearby port city of Rotterdam.

A great thanks to ICAMAT for the well-planned sports event. DST is looking forward to host the tournament next year.

Published: March, 09 2017