Milestones for environmental magnetic technology

Leakage-free transmission is essential in process technology today owing to environmental protection reasons. Highly toxic or aggressive media require hermetically sealed drives for pumps and agitators.

DST Permanent Magnetic Couplings guarantee a contact-free power transmission and total absence of leakage due to the usage of static seals. They have become a cost efficient and wear-free alternative to mechanical seals. The permanent magnet material Samarium Cobalt is the basis and precondition for all practically proven, compact and powerful DST Permanent Magnetic Couplings.


With excellent features like temperature and corrosion resistance as well as opposing fields, Samarium Cobalt is the perfect material for this type of application.

The Type Examination Certificate according to ATEX II2GcIICTX confirms that all basic safety and health requirements concerning design and production of components for the intended use in hazardous areas are fulfilled.

In the PU industry, machine manufacturers increasingly use the DST Permanent Magnetic Coupling in connection with a conversion kit as a complete hermetically sealed unit between pump and drive motor.

The same principle is used for making the agitator mixers in PU machines absolutely gas proof in order to prevent the crystallisation of Isocyanate.

In the pharmaceutical and food industries, bottom mounted agitator drives have to meet the highest technical standards. Surface quality, high performance and absolute hermetical density ensure a high quality standard.

The newly developed SSIC ceramic sleeve bearing, compatible with the DST Standard Permanent Magnetic Coupling, has been extremely well accepted by leading agitator pump manufacturers amongst others.

The complete temperature range up to 350°C is covered with a single bearing design. The sleeve bearing can be used in any liquid media, as it does not have any dry running properties.

DST uses state of the art machinery and innovative technology for the production of magnetic systems and plain bearing components. With laser-cutting and welding technology, DST manufactures optimal and compact devices.


Published: March, 12 2006