Not our everyday challenges

A permanent magnetic coupling is known to ensure hermetically sealed power transmission, whilst at the same time having the advantage of being practically maintenance-free.  Repair, maintenance and downtime costs are significantly reduced, and the cost of purchase is amortised within a very short time interval.

We are increasingly receiving customer requests for couplings that present a challenge in terms of their size and/or intended use. This includes, for example, couplings for agitator applications dealing with hazardous operating medium in the chemicals industry.

To handle these challenging customer requirements and to ensure safe operation of the plant, we work with FEM simulation software. This, together with our employees' experience gained from almost 30 years of expertise in applications, means we can offer you comprehensive advice and the most suitable solution.

Every inquiry is checked with numerous calculations and simulations, which we use to reliably simulate and document the complex interplay of torque, temperature, pressure and load with respect to the materials and media used, and supply this information to the customer on request. The insights gained here are used as the basis for designing the corresponding permanent magnetic coupling.

With a portfolio of over 1000 different magnet configurations to date, we consider your individual requirements, right down to the smallest detail. Working closely with the customer, we select the appropriate materials for canisters and inner and outer rotors and, if required, we also offer full conversion kits to replace conventional mechanical seals in existing plants.

Our magnetic couplings undergo a variety of test procedures based on customer requirements (e.g. hydrostatic pressure test, leak test, static torque test, surface condition test, etc.) and the results are documented in detail. The high quality standards we demand of our products are underscored by a production process that is permanently monitored and continually being optimised, and by our stringent quality checks.

Our permanent magnetic couplings can partly be used at temperatures ranging from -200°C up to 500°C and at pressures of up to 1000 bar. Our permanent magnetic couplings are also capable of transmitting very high torques.

For example, we recently developed a number of large permanent magnetic couplings for top-mounted agitator drives for a customer in the chemicals industry. These couplings were designed to transmit a static torque of up to 15,000 Nm. In order to be able to safely handle the medium (which includes some hazardous gas mixtures) at 28 bar, the magnetic couplings were checked with extensive tests both during production and prior to dispatch.

We are very proud to have been a trusted partner to our renowned international customers across a wide range of industries for many years. We are looking forward to new, challenging projects.

Get in touch by email or phone, or send us your details using our inquiry forms and we will work with you to best meet your requirements.

Published: July, 24 2020