System solutions

Within the Echterhage Group we can offer comprehensive system solutions with permanent magnetic couplings, VSE flow meters, Beinlich pump systems, HBE hydraulic components and Oleotec test points.

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HBE hydraulic components
HBE offers a wide range of accessories that are used in our complete systems, from rigid or damped bell housings to foot brackets and damping rods.
DST magnetic coupling
Permanent couplings from DST enable contactless torque transmission from motor to pump. Leakage-free, wear-free and environmentally compatible.
Oleotec test points
The test points from Oleotec measure the pressure at any point in hydraulic systems safely and reliably.
Beinlich external gear pump
The external gear pumps from Beinlich are suitable for precise dosing of media; whether liquid or viscous, with or without solids content, in large or small quantities.
VSE flow meter
The high precision flow meters from VSE are used for precise volume and flow measurement of virtually all pumpable media. Application-optimised with a variety of series and special custom solutions for a wide range of applications.